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The Nameless Fair (short story series by Brenna Pierson))

Paren had searched everywhere for one particular lost soul. He was not in Limbo. He was not earthbound. He seemed lost in every sense of the word. Being trusted with finding truly lost souls when they are at last ready to move on, she makes her way to The Nameless Fair, a sometimes gruesome carnival housing those who were lost both in life and in death.

Can Paren succeed among the fair vendors selling deep-fried legs and rides like the “Smotherer,” operated by phantoms? Only the support of a fellow spirit guide encourages her as she hunts through a fair filled with lost spirits and apathetic specters at every turn.
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Free Short Stories

"Revvel's Tomb" (short story by Brenna Pierson; archaeological fiction)

Anna, a young archaeologist, along with her partner, a pyramidologist named David, arrived at Revvel’s Tomb to investigate some oddities at the popular tourist attraction. What they actually discovered was something even more strange and unexpected than anything they had heard of or seen before—and it certainly did not belong in a tomb thousands of years old.


Free Short Story: "Leaving the Jouie de Vivrre" by Brenna Pierson

The sunken Jouie de Vivre, an exquisite ocean liner, had succumbed to a watery grave years ago. Thomas, a veteran marine biologist, had links to the wreckage that none of his fellow crewmembers—and Thomas himself—would have never imagined.


Free Short Story: "The Last One" by Brenna Pierson

Remmant was the last of her kind. Her friends thought they had found the perfect way to keep her safe in the forest, safe from harm and from sickness. But would the “last one” still meet her last day before her time? And did she even want to stay alive?


Quick Looks at Flash Fiction

Pullquote from "Disturbance for the Fairy Papyrus-Sharers" (flash fiction by Brenna Pierson)






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"Their dismembered state was part of the trade-off...." (from "Human at the Graveyard" by Brenna Pierson) | BrennaPierson.com






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Short Story Photo Credits:
“Leaving the Jouie de Vivre”: Ocean by KConnors/Morguefile, girl (mannequin) by Clarita/Morguefile, shipwreck by Cooee/Morguefile

“The Last One”: Animal by Brenna Pierson