Retro Trends aren’t Just Nostalgia: Here’s Why (Part Two)

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In the last post, we talked a bit about retro being a need and how past decades were more creative, starting with the 80’s look.

Yet with all the creativity in the 80’s and past decades in general, how could this topic be just one post? It isn’t! So let’s keep taking a look at why retro still rocks, picking it up with 80’s accessories.

80’s Accessories

Though we previously talked about the 80’s look, accessories still deserve a shout-out. Here are just a couple of reasons.

Huge, Colorful Hoop Earrings and Swatch Watches

"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |

There were a lot of accessories that had their hey-day in the 80’s, like huge hoop earrings.

"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |

Swatch watches were the watch it seemed everyone had — and no, the watch shown may not be a Swatch, but it’s similar. Swatch did become popular in the 80’s, as did Bongo, Guess and a lot of other great brands.


80’s Culture

"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |

80’s culture in general was just fun. Think about it: This was the era of carting around boomboxes with synthesizer music. It was the era when exercising was fun, thanks to the aerobics craze. And if anything should be dreadful, it would be exercise, right? Still, the 80’s found a way to make exercise fun.

Okay, there are some fun types of exercise out there right now, but do they compare to aerobics?

Back to the 70’s

The 70’s had just as much style as the 80’s — and a lot of it can be found in 70’s culture, which was anything but mundane.

"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |

The 70’s brought us the lava lamp, a style that is still loved today. You see a lava lamp, and how could you not think of the 70’s? It’s simply not possible to separate the two.


"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |

Not to mention that the 70’s brought us disco. See again how the word “boring” could never be used to describe past decades? And this is true of just about every decade before the 70’s — it doesn’t stop there.

The Verdict: The Present Day is Missing Something

While the new millennium has given us a ton of technology, the present day is lacking in some way. And we’re looking to the past, in a sense, to make us feel better. Sure, we have apps for everything, can find out what’s going on anywhere, and have all the information we need at our fingertips — so why are we still seemingly discontent with the present? Because there was a lot of creativity that used to be embedded in our daily routines without us even realizing it.

In a way, we’ve lost it — and at least for now, the best place to find it is in the past.

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Retro Trends aren’t Just Nostalgia: Here’s Why

"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |

Retro revivals and vintage are all the rage these days — but that may not be just because of nostalgia. In a way, we need the retro.

Don’t believe it? People of all ages jump on the vintage bandwagon. And let’s face it: That’s not really typical. Past generations did everything possible to avoid being “like their parents.” Despite all the technological advances and addictions to screen time the present day has to offer, ironically, going on a blast to the past has somehow become popular.

Why? Past decades oozed creativity.

The 80’s was the last decade that truly had a strong sense of style. When you think “80’s,” you automatically picture big hair, huge earrings, shoulder pads, crazy patterns, members-only jackets, pastel colors and fluorescents…all with 80’s hair metal or synthesizer music playing in your head.

What about the 70’s? You picture bell bottoms, disco, avocado green colors….The list goes on.

So when you picture the decades between the 20’s and 80’s — and the 90’s somewhat, too — you get a very strong sense of the decade’s style and sense of creativity.

What about when you picture today? You think of cell phones…not much else overall. Somehow, things today are just boring.

Let’s take the 80’s as an example in contrast.

The 80’s Look

Prince’s song “U Got the Look” and Roxette’s “The Look” may be talking about specific people in the lyrics — but there’s no doubt that the 80’s look still is in a class of its own.

Netted Tops, Fingerless Gloves, Blue Eyeshadow and Hairbows

"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |

People in the 80’s enjoyed awesome clothing. Netted tops started showing up, as well as wearing fingerless gloves and big hair bows just like Madonna’s. Bright blue eyeshadow and red lips gave the 80’s a bold makeup look — even more so with vivid hot pink lipstick. It didn’t look ridiculous back then — it was cool. And looking back on it, it was pretty creative, too.


"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |
Loads of Denim, Fedora-Type Hats and Big Earrings

In the 80’s, bigger was better–and this included earrings and shoulders, as evidenced by shoulder pads. Okay, shoulder pads may have been a bit out there, but if you didn’t wear shoulder pads, it might have been just tops that were way too big for your body and slouched all over you. Pair that with some jeans and a jean jacket, and you would be ready to go!

That’s probably not the sleekest look on earth by today’s standards, but it was fun.


Big Hair and Mullets

"Why Retro Trends Aren't Just Nostalgia" (blog post) | |
Don’t be horrified by the sight of a young kid sporting a mullet — in the 80’s, boys wore mullets all the time. Girls (and women) had their hair “blown out” with plenty of teasing to boost and tons of hairspray to hold it together for the entire day. And hold it did!

In the 80’s, people were able to go to the grocery store, to school and work, and everywhere in between with hair that floated all around their head.

What’s funner than all that, at least as far as going about and doing your daily routine?

Those are quite a few examples just of the 80’s look — but there’s more! Next time, we’ll continue looking at how retro days were so much more creative than today. For reals….

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A Good Reason to Write Under a Pen Name


"A Good Reason to Write Under a Pen Name" (blog post) | |

There are a lot of good reasons that a writer may choose to use a pen name (also known as a pseudonym or nom de plume). Reasons vary, from privacy to writing in different genres to wanting to get a new start in the writing world.

There’s also the reason of not wanting to get confused with another writer—especially in my case.

It’s a good idea to find out if any other writers share your name, anyway. You don’t want your work to get mixed up with someone else’s.

That idea is tripled, though, when someone with your name also happens to write erotica.

No, that’s not a joke. There’s another writer who writes under my real name (“writes under” because she chose my real name for her pseudonym), and works in the genre of erotica.

It’s kind of funny, actually. Having done freelance writing (under my real name, since those pieces are also a part of my work portfolio), I feel it’s best to have any fiction published under a pen name, anyway. This situation just makes it all the more necessary. 🙂


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