The Perfect Time for Creativity!

"The Perfect Time to be Creative" (blog post) | |

It’s always time to be creative! Or at the very least, we can always get inspired for some crafting, and no matter if you’re an experienced creator or just starting, we all need a little inspiration.

Let’s look at little tidbits that might inspire us…even if it’s just something fun or beautiful. Your tastes might not be the same, so think about what inspires you to be creative!

An Artistic Handpainted Mini Parasol

Disneyland Handpainted Carousel Horse Parasol from "Using Iridescent Oil Pastels & Iridescent Acrylic Medium on Deep Sea Creatures" (blog post) | |

This little parasol came from Disneyland years ago (though they may still have an artist doing these parasols). In New Orleans Square, you could find the outdoor artist who would paint a design you select and personalize the parasol with your name.


Retro Snoopy Yarn Art

Snoopy Yarn Art from "The Perfect Time to be Creative" (blog post) | |

This wallhanging is made entirely from long stretches of yarn. Yarn and other similar artwork were a little more prevalent in the 1970’s.


Carousel Horse Oil Pastel

"The Benefits of Oil Pastels: A 'Happy Medium'" (blog post) | |

This carousel horse oil pastel was a lot of fun to make. Find out more about it here, including the materials used.

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