Literary Cookies (in Theory)

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Just about everyone loves cookies — and while that’s obvious with Cookie Monster (though he’s not really a “literary” character), other characters could be huge cookie fans, as well. So what cookies might our favorite characters go for when they have the munchies?

Count Dracula: Strawberry Cookies

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As usual, Dracula would opt for something with a mushy or liquidy red filling, in this case, strawberry-filled cookies.

Orpheus: Kourabiethes

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These were also the pick for Orpheus’ “Literary Holiday Food.” These Greek cookies would be Orpheus’ favorite cookie for the holidays and otherwise, hands-down.

Scrooge: Shortbread

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Any sort of decadence in a cookie would be sheer ridiculousness to Mr. Scrooge — why pay any more than necessary for such a simple snack? For Scrooge, only the least expensive shortbread cookies are even worth a look.

Frodo: Oatmeal Cookies

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Frodo’s favorite is bound to be something good and earthy, something easily baked in an oven in Hobbiton.

Winnie the Pooh: Animal Cookies

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Technically, these are animal crackers, but Pooh doesn’t mind. They are so sweet and fun to eat that Winnie the Pooh is happy to call them his favorite “cookies” instead.

King Arthur: Chessmen Cookies (Pepperidge Farm)

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With symbols harboring pieces from the timeless game, Chessmen Cookies would be the perfect snack to serve to the King of Camelot.

Dorian Gray: Macaroons

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Unlike Scrooge, Dorian Gray would find a simpleton’s cookie a complete abomination! The only cookie worthwhile to consider for Dorian Gray would be the best of macaroons.


And for one of my characters, Archaeologist Anna Purgitt: Chocolate Chip Cookies

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She may be an archaeologist who has traveled the world and explored exotic places, but Anna would always come back to her tried-and-true, good-old-American favorite: chocolate chip cookies.

Anna Purgitt is featured in the short story, “Revvel’s Tomb.”

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