(Art) Porg Art: It’s All in the Eyes

"Porg Art: It's All in the Eyes" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | artisticallywriting.com | authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com
“Mr. Cranky Porg.” Oil pastel and conte crayon on canvas.

It started with the best intentions: drawing a porg in mainly oil pastel to show a cute porg on a sunny day.

What resulted was a cranky-but-cute porg (hopefully)…but looking at the cranky porg, I can see what went wrong. And it was a good lesson.

How the Porg was Drawn

Mr. Cranky Porg started out as a sketch on canvas paper of the outline of an owl. He was mostly filled in with oil pastel, with his “feathers” being suggested by conte crayon marks.

The conte crayon worked really well on the oil pastel to show thinner, yet definite, lines. Oil pastel seemed like it would be too thick for this purpose. Only quite dark conte crayon worked and only on top of oil pastel colors that were noticeably lighter.

What Makes This Porg Look Cranky?

Looking closely at the porg, one can easily see what makes him look cranky. It’s in the eyes—or in a way, a lack thereof. His eyes are just too small. Porgs’ eyes are huge and take up a good amount of their face, but this porg failed in the eyeball department.

Well, better luck next time—and there will be another porg drawing for another time. They’re just too fun not to draw and paint them. 🙂

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