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Meet my new porg, Piccolo.

Piccolo Porg came all the way to the U.S. from Singapore, via an Etsy seller (a link is at the end for those who are interested). In the weeks before he arrived, I just had to come up with a name for such an adorable creature.

Naming Piccolo was no small feat (just as naming characters or artwork can be challenging at times). You want the perfect name—one that fits but is perhaps not too obvious. With animals, both real and manufactured, obvious is actually fine, but it only seemed appropriate for the name to be fun, silly and cute all at once.

And the most obvious part is that it had to start with a “p” (not that all porg names need to start with a “p,” but the alliteration in P______ Porg is not something to resist.

When looking up names for my porg, a few were noteworthy:

Pookie. This was perhaps a bit too cutesy but certainly could work. Still, it sounded more like a girl porg, and mine is clearly (decidedly) a boy. There is the fun twist, though, that in writing, it’s only one letter away from “wookie.”

Prancer. This is probably a better name for a reindeer, but it’s cute for a porg, too. It’s hard to say why, as a porg would be more inclined to fly than prance, but the name could work in its irony.

Precious. This was a top contender. Porgs are all precious, and since this little guy is so adorable, this came in a close second.

Pygmy. This one is rather obvious, playing on the size of the porg, but it also somehow works for porgs’ coloration: They just remind you of an animal described as a pygmy.

Picasso. The pattern on this porg is slightly reminiscent of a Picasso work, and it just seems fun to name a porg after someone famous.


In the end, the chosen name became Piccolo for a few reasons:

  1. The idea of a light-sounding musical instrument somehow matches the cute sounds porgs make.
  2. “Piccolo” means “small” in Italian (according to an online translator).
  3. It just has a fun ring to it.

So Piccolo it is!

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Like Piccolo? Here’s where I got him.


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