Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)

The last literary food post explored chocolate that might be the favorites of some of the most beloved fictional characters if they lived in this day and age. Since “we all scream for ice cream,” though (as the saying goes), how could we not look at ice cream that might make our favorite characters break out in cheers?

So if the following seven characters were hanging out in summer, what might their favorite ice cream be? Here are some possible picks.

Count Dracula: Any Ice Cream with Dripping Cherry Sauce

For Dracula, it probably wouldn’t be so much about the ice cream but about the toppings for it. Anything featuring some drippy cherry or strawberry topping looking like his favorite liquid would appease him.


Orpheus: German Chocolate Ice Cream

Most likely, a tried-and-true European ice cream (or at least one that sounded European) would be perfect for this ancient hero.


Scrooge: Vanilla Sundae Cups

Being the miser that he is, Scrooge would be drawn to vanilla sundae cups you could buy at the store for 10 for $1.


Frodo: Mushroom Ice Cream

This certainly isn’t a common flavor, but it does exist. And any time Frodo could get ahold of mushroom ice cream, of course that would be the first choice.


Winnie the Pooh: Honey Ice Cream

Pretty self-explanatory.


King Arthur: Praline Ice Cream

This sweet, almost candy-like flavor would surely remind King Arthur of his fanciful Camelot.


Dorian Gray: Gelato

How dare anyone suggest Dorian Gray would partake of regular ice cream! Only the finest gelato would do for this lover of decadence.


And for one of my characters, Archaeologist Anna Purgitt: Vanilla Soft Serve

Vanilla soft serve just has that nostalgic quality that any good archaeologist would appreciate.

*Anna Purgitt is featured in the short story, “Revvel’s Tomb.”


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