Why Do Adults Still Love Summer?

"Why Do Adults Still Love Summer?" (Blog Post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com
Let’s face it: Summer is not the same once we’re adults. We don’t get nearly three months off from work for summer break. We may take a vacation sometime during summer, but if we’re lucky, it lasts two weeks—not even close to what we had in childhood.

So, why do adults still love summer? Maybe because summer reminds us of an easier time—a fun time—when we did have those three or so months when we could do just about whatever we wanted.

And for a lot of us, that was reading. “Summer reading” is a popular term; but wouldn’t “winter reading” make more sense? Wouldn’t it seem like reading is so often associated with staying indoors?

Still, we use the phrase of “summer reading.” And the very thing that bred summer reading—having the time to get buried in stories—is one of the reasons adults still love summer. We may not have those days anymore, but we remember that time when we were able to browse the library and take home whatever interested us—because we had the time to see it through when we decided to read those books from cover to cover.

No wonder we hated it when summer came to an end.

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