A Couple Beloved Children’s Books

"A Couple Beloved Children's Books" (blog post by Brenna Pierson

If we are lucky, we remember being read to as a child. It’s something that can stay with us—particularly when we loved the story—and that at the time, inspired us, making us look forward to learning how to read.

April 2 is Children’s Book Day: the perfect time to look back on a couple of children’s books still on my shelf today.

“Four Puppies” by Anne Heathers, Illustrated by Lilian Obligado

So many children grew up with “Four Puppies,” a story about four sibling puppies completely bewildered every time the seasons would change. Like many children’s books, this Little Golden Book features beautiful illustrations, including puppies tumbling playfully down stairs, puppies frolicking a field, puppies trying to fashion snow into a pile as it melts…and the list goes on.

If you did not read this book as a child, track down a copy and get it now. Do not delay.

“The Sleepy Puppy” by Mary Jo Chamberlin, Illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship

Another with a puppy theme, “The Sleepy Puppy” is such a cute book it’s difficult to avoid mentioning it. It begins with a father bringing home a puppy in his pocket and goes on to show the puppy, a basset hound, falling asleep just about everywhere—including in a bowl of milk. The boy caring for The Sleepy Puppy shows the utmost patience and understanding toward his sleepy playmate—though he does get a bit doubtful at times that his puppy will ever stay awake.

It’s fun to remember the stories that helped shape your love of books as a child—and it’s even funner to read them against as an adult. We should all keep a few books from our childhood…as a reminder.

We should all keep a few books from our childhood…as a reminder.


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