Feeling Festive: The Beginning and the End

"Feeling Festive: The Beginning and the End" (blog post by Brenna Pierson)

Let’s engage in some really outrageous fiction for a moment. This is probably more fictional than science-fiction or even fantasy. It will simply never ever happen in this day and age.

Once upon a time, on a brisk day toward the end of November, the Boutique of Beautiful Things stood ready for its next season. Happy employees, eager to greet the upcoming holidays, carefully took down the autumn decorations that had graced the store ambiance since right after Halloween. The lovely orange and rust-colored leaf garlands were barely being taken down to be put on clearance, and the pumpkin decor was leaving the shelves to join the cornucopia of other fall decorations on sale.

With Thanksgiving coming up and Black Friday on its heels, this would be the most busy time of the year—the time to first start putting up the Christmas lights and rows of decorated trees. Gingerbread houses were daintily placed on the shelves in place of the pumpkins, and snowy holiday merchandise made its very first appearance in the store to bring a blanket of holiday cheer.

The Reality

Wandering among the rows of decorated trees just reminds us of how much we look forward to the holidays each year. Tons of ornaments and Christmas decorations surround us on store shelves, with the autumnal decor straying nearby, reminding us that the winter holidays have arrived. All around, holiday decorations tempt you to bring them home and decorate.

And we feel the holidays start to beckonand we want to answer.

All around, holiday decorations tempt you to bring them home and decorate. And we feel the holidays start to beckon—and we want to answer.

That’s at the end of September.

Everyone complains about how Christmas starts being marketed earlier each year. And every year, more people jump on the bandwagon of irritated consumers who are exposed to Christmas before Halloween month even starts.

The biggest shame about this is that by the time the holidays actually roll around, a lot of people are not interested anymore.

Why? People spend all year looking forward to the holidays, then around the beginning of December, are tired of it.

The problem with writers is that we tend to overthink things sometimesbut not this. We realize that a lot of people just want their real-life holiday stories back.

And as writers and readers know, timing is everything. It is kind of ironic, though, that Dickens’ A Christmas Carol speaks to the worship of moneyliterally the first thing that our society now gravitates to when it comes to Christmastime.

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