Skeletons Without a Goal

"Skeletons Without a Goal" (blog post by author Brenna Pierson)
(alternate title: “Vampires Without Direction”)

“Skeletons Without a Goal” and “Vampires Without Direction.” These are truly great potential titles, if only for their humorous qualities.

A couple posts ago, we talked about how a picture really can be worth 1,000 words—but this time, we need to look at how sometimes, words really are the only way to convey an idea. It all depends on the subject.

The two aforementioned supposed titles come from a random title generator. These are not only fun, but some of the titles are actually something you can work with. They’re great if you’re having writer’s block (or not). When you already have a good idea for a story, something like a random title generator doesn’t help too much in most cases; but they can  really spur some ideas sometimes, as crazy as they may be.

Someone could theoretically paint a picture of “Skeletons Without a Goal,” but the subject is just too eccentric to really come across in a painting. That’s where the words come in. Some ideas just can’t be formed by anything but words.

So what would be the plot line of a story called “Skeletons Without a Goal” or “Vampires Without Direction”? These types of oddities would seem to describe a dream more than anything else. Halloween stories automatically come to mind, but skeletons and vampires can lend themselves to goth or horror, as well, or just something generally macabre.

Speaking of such things, stay tuned for some zombies in the next post. Until then…