Sort of…Lembas

Lembas...Sort of (Blog Post by Brenna Pierson)

Food in literature is actually a valid topic these days, and since September 22 is officially Hobbit Day, it’s only right that the topic at hand should be a piece of Middle Earth cuisine or at least a Middle Earth snack: Lembas.

At some point after reading The Lord of the Rings, I ended up eating water crackers (pictured above). If you’re not familiar with water crackers, they’re a very light type of white cracker that immediately brought Lembas to mind. It’s difficult to explain, other than the fact that a fictitious food that never actually existed had imprinted itself in my head so that when I found a “real” version, I immediately knew it.

But all LOTR fans have their version of Lembas, don’t they? 🙂

Anyway, years later, it’s interesting to note that Lembas and other Middle Earth foods are so important to readers and fans that there are actually books about these recipes. There’s an official site where people can submit recipes of what people might eat or make in Middle Earth, and there’s also a Tumblr, among others.

Being a LOTR fan, I was interested to find Middle-Earth Recipes has a recipe for Lembas. Being someone who can’t cook, I was bummed out that the recipe—which is actually fairly easy, most likely—was still too hard for my cooking-challenged self.

So for now, I’ll stick my “sort-of” Lembas in the form of water crackers.

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