How Bad Horoscopes and Predictions Can Lead to Characters and Plots

"How Bad Horoscopes and Predictions Can Lead to Characters and Plots" (blog post by Brenna Pierson)

Horoscopes can be so much fun! They tell you all about the great things that are going to happen, supposedly, and can often predict a life more interesting than will actually ever befall you.

It’s a bit jarring, however, when the horoscope is downright mean. For example, the Chinese New Year for 2016 brings us the Year of the Fire Monkey. My fortune for the year, according to one Chinese horoscope, is pretty doom and gloom. It includes several awful occurrences, including:

1. Career trouble
2. Needing to say “no” to any job offers (thus being stuck in the career causing the trouble in the first place)
3. Money issues
4. A possible disagreement of some sort with an unfavorable outcome
5. Major health problems

The only thing some horoscopes don’t tell you is to jump off a pier, though it’s surprising that this particular one didn’t.

Believe it or not, it’s fun to look at horoscopes, and there’s actually a point to all this.

What if writers based their characters or plots on horoscopes? There would be some interesting stories to tell there. And if these characters were part of a fantasy, science fiction or historical fiction universe, all the better.

Perhaps some future posts, blog posts or otherwise, are brewing on this topic.