Have You Heard of “Read Across America” Day?

Have You Heard of "Read Across America Day"?

Read Across America Day occurs every year in March. It has actually been around for 19 years, and as it sounds, it’s a day that promotes reading through various activities, both in the classroom and school-wide. In 2016, the National Education Association offered a guide featuring Dr. Seuss’ newly found manuscript What Pet Should I Get? (Find out more on the National Education Association’s website.)

The first thing one might think is something along the lines of “Yeah, we definitely need a ‘Read Across America’ Day, since people aren’t reading books now because of the Internet.”

That’s probably somewhat true. People are definitely reading less printed material than before—and of course, this opens up the whole printed vs. digital book debate. Many people (this writer included) still bemoan the demise of the beautiful printed book.

Not that printed books are completely gone—and that’s why it’s so great to see that this day exists. It’s a day especially for reading. And if that includes digital books a bit, too, that may be something even those of us print-lovers need to accept (or not).

Anyway, whatever the method of delivery, the printed word must endure. And it’s certainly nice to see a special day dedicated to just that mission. In this day and age, where there are up to 5,000 ads a day competing for our attention (source: CBSNews.com) and social media accounts that people must check seemingly every hour (at least), it is sorely needed.

Because remember: The printed word must endure.

The printed word must endure.