Reading The Lord of the Rings for the First Time…Years Ago

Reading "The Lord of the Rings" for the First Time...Years Ago (blog post by Brenna Pierson)

So many people grew up—at least at a certain point—with the Peter Jackson movies of The Lord of the Rings.There are a bunch of reasons to love LOTR. I actually read the trilogy when young, quite a while before the Peter Jackson movies came out. My seventh-grade English teacher was kind enough to assign The Hobbit as an assignment 🙂 Of course, afterward, I decided to peruse The Lord of the Rings the following summer.

Most likely, I read The Fellowship at least seven times, with Return of the King coming in a close second. The Two Towers was the one I read the least, but I always did like the portion covering Frodo and Sam’s dubious trip led by Gollum.

At the time, there was actually an animated version of the movie out that’s still worth watching for LOTR afficionados, a clip of which can be seen here:

My teacher had mentioned that this animated movie covered up through the middle of The Two Towers (which seemed accurate) and that Bashki had intended to finish the rest of the trilogy in a second movie. Somehow, that never happened.

And did you know that Tolkien actually illustrated his works? He was the perfect fantasy writer as well as an artist! Some of his artwork can be seen here.

LOTR fans, unite!